Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

From intern to professional seem to have lost two years since I last posted here...

The reason for this is of course the transition from intern to full time employee at Acolori in Hamburg.

I always knew, that working in CG most certainly would not mean a standard to 5 p.m schedule, its just not easy to lay down the virtual shovel (so to speak) while looking for that perfect procedural shader setup or doing R&D with fluid sims...all while an actual deadline is approaching.

But that kind of was one of the main reasons I got into 3D in the first place -  I quickly realized, that there would always be new challenges, new things to explore and keep me interested.

Unfortunately, that also means, that I just didn´t find the time to share what I learned and explored recently (and by recently I mean: the last two years just flew by...).
But I´ll try and get back into the process of "giving back" to this great community and I´ll try to post more regularily...;)

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