Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012


I´ve managed to get an internship at a local post-production shop here in hamburg, that is focussing on 3D with 3ds Max!

It´s called Acolori and I´m really looking forward to it!
I´ll be working on different stuff, but I´ll also have the chance to work on character design,, rigging and animation.

Which obvisouly means I won´t be able to update my blog as irregularily as I did in the past, since I´ll be working on stuff that I can´t immediately share and also because I´ll have less time to work on my personal projects.

But I´ll try to finish my series of tutorials on facial rigging for lipsync whenever I get time to do that and I´ll also keep posting quicktips and other non-work-related stuff from time to time.

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