Montag, 24. September 2012

Zbrush to Max Problems

Since I decided to focus on character work, I started using zbrush more regularily.
I love the tool, but I keep bumping into the same problems with my workflow.
Which is, basically, having an idea and then just jumping in and trying to achieve it.
I know, not a very good workflow.
One problem I keep repeating in my workflow:

1. Start basic sculpting in Zbrush.
2. Retopologize the model in Max.
3. Use GoZ to jump back and sculpt some finer details (because details are FUN).
4. Maybe use GoZ to jump back and start rigging in Max to pose the character.
5. Jump back to Zbrush and start to create morph targets.
6. ... at some point I´m finally realizing that my topology is flawed and GoZ-ing doesn´t work any more.
At which point I start taking a closer look at my retopologized model from step 2...
And at which point I may have to rework everything up from step 2.

Some of the problems seem to regularly be introduced by the symmetry modifier I used while retopologizing.
Sometimes it leaves some Vertices unwelded or gives you isolated vertices.
Which you don´t realize while using GoZ to jump back and forth up to a certain point, but at some point the vertex order gets messed up and there you go.
So don´t be like me.
Always check your model very very carefully after retopologizing it.
There are several ways to do that:

1. Export it as an OBJ. If it tells you that you have a rats nest in your model after exporting, you know something is wrong.
2. Use the STL-Check modifier.
3. Use the Xview-tool in the viewport.

Happy topology-checking to everyone!

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