Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Workcrastination - 01

From time to time I feel like I need to take a break from learning and working.
But then I start feeling bad, because I think that there is so much more to
Instead of going outside and enjoying the sun/rain/snow, I find myself "workcrastinating".
Yes, I just came up with this word.
It means: Acting like I´m doing useful work-related stuff while actually procrastinating.
The downside: I´m neither relaxing and enjoying my free time, nor am I actually working.
The upside: Sometimes I do find useful stuff and inspiration that way.
So this is a section of my blog, where I want to share my findings....

I started looking for inspiration and concept art for my next project, wich will be some sort of a demon-creature...

1. RPG creatures

Some great creature designs...and you can even use them in your favorite role playing game!

2. Deviant art

If you´ve never been to deviant art and your into art, I have no idea how you could have missed this site...

These are some concepts I found by looking for "demons":

Demon posessed by namesjames

Demon by namesjames

Demon by TWPictures

3. Peter König

I also stumbled upon this great artist. Some impressive stuff there...

4. Peter Blascovic

A place where nerds go to play...some fun experimental interactive stuff!

5. Scribbler Too

I actually saw this in some creature design tutorial. Its a great online scribbling tool, that invites your mind to get creative very fast....You start with some lines and all of a sudden something emerges out of your subconscious mind and surprises you!

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