Freitag, 8. Juni 2012


If you´re not familiar with the term...a "WIP" is a "work in progress".
So basically on this page I will be posting stuff I´m working on at the moment, that isn´t finished yet.
Most of the time, no project is ever finished for me. Of course, at one point you have to say "Well, that´s as good as it gets right now". Either due to time constraints or because of a lack of knowledge. But there is always a way to push things further, add a little bit more detail, extend the rig of a character and fine tune its animation, play around with camera angles and do some more post productions...
But right here, I´ll just post stuff, thats definitely not "finished".

There is a ton of unfinished projects lying around on my hard drive (mostly ArchViz), but since I´m trying to focus on character design / animation right now, there will be some of those projects first...

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