Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

WIP - Gnome 001

Currently I´m trying to improve my skills at character design, rigging and animation.
For that purpose I grabbed a model of a stylized gnome character I did a while back.
The topology at this point is far from perfect (you can see in the front, the edgeflow doesn´t really follow the muscles underneath), but since it´s a stylized character I hope I´ll get away with it, so I can focus on the rigging/animation part.

My main goal is to get faster and for that reason I chose to go with a customized CAT rig, instead of completely building my own bones rig.

The basic rig was done in about 1 hour, customizing it and proper skinning will take much more time though.
Just for the fun of it I already created a morph target for the blinking of the eyes.

Here is a short Clay turntable:

And here are the Wires:

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