Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Quicktips 01 - Characterdesign

I still got lots of unfinished projects lying around on my hard drive (mostly ArchViz), but for now I decided to focus on Character Design and Animation.
On my way I already stumbled upon a lot of interesting problems and solutions and there will probably be some more down the I´ll try and share as many quick tips as I go along.

Today I stumbled upon 2 really great Sites, which will certainly help along the way.

The first one is from Andrew Klein, who basically put up a whole set of Tutorials and Tips for Character Designers and Animators.
Some of them are for Maya, but a lot of the stuff isn´t really software specific, so make sure to check it out!

I just browsed through the hole course and there was one other link that immediately draw my attention:

There are tons of poses you can use as reference, complete with all muscles shown and rotatable in 3D - and there is even an iphone app!

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