Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

EUE 2012 - Matt and Arvid

Matt and Arvid - Making of "Swarm Commercial"

The Arvid part of the making of team was missing, but Matt did a pretty good job at giving us some inside on their process in making this epic 27 second spot.

Probably one of the most impressive things about the spot was the timeframe and manpower they had to complete the spot: They worked on it for only 4 weeks with 4 and a half people (one of them had to leave after one week).
Now think about what you can do in 4 weeks and then watch the commercial...:

He also told us that the budget the client had to spend wasn´t that big, but they just couldn´t resist the chance to do something that epic...;

About the process: Since this was the third making of I was in, I think already got a pretty decent insight in the workflows involved in the production of commercials, so once again my apologies, but I lost interest in recapping the whole process from inspiration to pre viz etc.

Instead I´ll try to focus on the few things that caught my attention. The most interesting part for me was the combination of matte painting and 3D scenes in some of the shots.
Because thats the one thing for me, that actually made this commercial look so ...feature filmy.
I know thats not a word, but I hope you get my drift.

Of course, there were other great elements to see in the making of, like the several fumeFX elements (wich surprisingly were only 4 overall with a lot of clever repositioning in 3D Space) or how they were faking detail with textures, the information that some of the CG-looking shots (the ones of the actual ride) were in fact real footage etc.

If you´re interested in more of their work, go here:

Actually I just saw on maxunderground that Matt posted his video of the EUE session on vimeo, so you could just have headed there directly without bothering to read this post...;)


  1. Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed the talk

    Matt Chandler

  2. You´re welcome! Its great you also posted the video, like I said, i was a little shot on notes...;)
    But it was really inspiring to see what can be done with limited ressources.