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EUE 2012 - Hugo Guerra

Hugo Guerra - Audi Hummingbird

This was another making of and again it wasn´t directly targeting the 3D part, even though the whole commercial was (almost) entirely CG.
But it was from one of the most renown post production offices around, "The Mill", so I thought it might be worth a look.

Once again, I got behind on my notes, marvelling the wonders on the here is just a basic summary of what I remember.

First of all Hugo talked a lot about the inspirations and references they started off with - they collected hundreds of images and videos of hummingbirds, since the main character of the commercial would be a hummingbird, as well as lots of references for lighting conditions and moods to catch the overall idea of the spot.
The briefing they were given by the client in short: Create something wich is both organic and mechanic...

So they started of with some sketches of the hummingbird. And then they did some more. And then some more. And then some.
In the end they had at least 100 iterations of the mechanical hummingbird, and in the end went for something close to one of the first sketches.
The statement how often you end up where you began is something a lot of people in the audience seemingly could relate to very well...

After that they put together some quick mood renders, using some of the elements they created during the look development (the tree of traffic lights for example) to get an approval from the client. They also did extensive work on the color crading, even for those early mood pictures, Hugo kept coming back to the fact, that the client was very specific about the "Audi" look.
Once they finally got the approval, the rest seemed pretty straight forward.

I won´t go into the details much, mostly lack of notes...but one thing that catched my attention was Hugos mentioning of the first reaction to the final sketch of the hummingbird, they gave the animators.
Because my reaction to it was pretty much the same..."Oh, nice, but thats gonna be hard to animate...were should all the joints go...?"

The final model did have some modifications though, wich made the fluid, bird like motions possible.
If you want to watch the final spot, go here:

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