Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

EUE 2012 - Evert Vandenberghe

Evert Vandenberghe - Meeting insane deadlines

Since I hadn´t seen any ArchViz related stuff yet, I decided to go to Evert Vandenberghes about "Meeting insane deadlines".

He had some impressive numbers to show off, something like 6000 pictures his company cranked out in the last years.

The first and probably most important thing he had to say: Outsource.
As soon as you can afford it, hire someone to share the workload. Its really basic math: 3 people working on one project means its done in a third of the time, meaning more time to take on other projects.

But this only works, if you have a very tight workflow:
From naming conventions in Max, to folder structures, to filenames, to render element names, to file order and naming in Photoshop: The goal is, that anyone in the team should be able to pick up a project from a sick colleague in 5 Minutes max.

After that there weren´t many new things for me personally, he simply showed off his workflow for doing postproduction in Photoshop.
But if you´ve only done the basic layering of the passes (zdepth, AO, diffuse, reflections etc.) yet, you should definitely start googling on stuff like "extensive postproduction for architecture in photoshop". Because in the end hes right about one thing:

If you come well prepared, no other renderer is faster then photoshop.

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