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EUE 2012 - Autodesk Expert Panel

Autodesk "Experts" Panel

The Expert Panel was actually just a fill in for a cancelled class, but I was really looking forward to it, because I was really hoping to get some answers to a couple of problems I couldn´t manage to solve on my own.

There were quite a few other questions and answers, but it was directly after lunch and maybe thats why I took only notes on my own questions and some other tips...sorry about that...

First of all, Jamie invited us all again to participate in the autodesk user voice program and to follow all of them on twitter.
So for all you tweetybirds out there, here are there twitter accounts:

Neil Hazzard:

Zap Andersson:


Alex Horst

Jamie Gwiliams

So, here were my questions:

1. This one has been bothering me for a very very long time.
I started experimenting with Hair&Fur a couple of months back with a very furry animal character design. Now I know, hair&fur was always some very complicated stuff to do in CG. But apart from styling and dynamics issues, the thing that completely drove me nuts was this:

Whenever I plugged a map into any of Hair&Furs mappable channels (like density or scale or whatever), the translation times basically tenfolded.
So instead 1 Minute for a quick test render, it took 10 Minutes, wich left me with 6 Test renders per hour, tweaking inbetween not included.

I always thought I´m doing something wrong, but Louis Marcoux finally answered my question: Yep. Thats just how it is right now.
He also strongly recommended to me to go to the Master Class on Vray 2.0 and Ornatrix, wich I did. But more on that on another post.

2. The second question I got to ask was about the Fast sss+ Shader (mental ray).
Since I´m mostly interested in character design, at one point I had to deal with realistic skin.
So I did some thorough research and found Zaps modified shader for skin, the above mentioned Fast sss+ shader (there is one version with and one without displacement).
The documentation on skin shading is somewhat limited for mental ray, but I did get some decent results out of it.
But unfortunately once I got to my final render, all the render elements for the skin just rendered black.
And once again, I finally got my answer: Its something Zap knows about, and actually already fixed with a new Shader (fittingly called Fast sss++), but simply didn´t find the time to put on his blog yet.
But he promised to do that soon, and if he didn´t to just kindly remind him...;)

I haven´t switched to Max 2013, but apparently there is a new skin shader for mental ray included named FastSSS2, but i´m not sure if it renders out the render elements correctly there.

Like I said, I didn´t pay that much attention to the other questions, but here are some more recommended links, that were floating around during that session: (Rendermask) (free pflow presets)

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