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End User Event 2012 in Utrecht

This year I had the chance to attend the EUE in Utrecht for the first time.
It was also the first 3D Event I ever attended, so chances are I can´t really compare it to anything else yet.
Nevertheless, I got to state this now:
If you´re into 3D at all - you´re in paradise!

The event takes place in the beautiful little city of Utrecht, NL. Its kind of a smaller, less dramatic (drugs and prostitution...) version of Amsterdam.
But since you won´t have time to explore the city during the event (if you have, you´re doing it wrong...), I could have saved you the description.
I should have mentioned instead, that it mainly takes place in a pub!
Due to some renovation work , some of the workshops had to be held in a nearby location this year.
But the time in between workshops, lunchbreak (included) and the open bar (included), all took place in the lovely pub named "Florin".
There are only about 250 spots for attendees, so you might want to register as early as possible.
One of the organisators and founders of the event, Joep van der Steen, also said, that they are not planning to grow any larger.
Because part of the magic of EUE is its size - you basically feel like you´re amongst a lot of old friends, whom you just don´t know yet.
The other part of course is the great program.
Some of the classes I attended were held by some of my heroes from Autodesk (Loius Marcoux, "Master" Zap Andersson, Neil Hazzard and Jamie Gwilliam), others by renown professionals like Michael McMarthy (Ornatrix), Joe Gunn (who worked on feature films like "2012") or Hugo Guerra ("The mill").
But not only on stage but also off stage you could meet great artists, whose work you might have known and admired before.
For example, I had the chance to talk to Rune Spaans from norway. He did the VFX for a norwegian film called "Trollhunter" (Trolljegeren).
If you haven´t seen it yet, its sort of "Blair witch project" meets norwegian trolls.
My 3 year old son was a big fan of the trolls Rune Spaans created - ever since he saw it the first time, he is stomping around the appartment, growling "I´m a troll monster!".
If you´re feeling like a teenage groupie at a boygroup know you´re in nerd paradise!

I also met a lot of other nice people, exchanged cards and numbers and had way too much free beer...
So if you didn´t know about this event or simply didn´t get around to go there yet, definitely consider doing it next year!

I didn´t attend the NDA Session with Ken Pimentel from Autodesk, because i´m really bad at keeping secrets (but don´t tell anyone) and some parts of the workshops had exclusive contents for EUE attendees, but I´ll try to summarize some of the other classes I attended for you in the following posts.
I´m not sure about the copyright on the master classes from Joe Gunn (Rigging for FX) or Louis Marcoux (Blow up stuff!), so I´ll not post them for now.

For more infos and pictures of the event, go to

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