Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Launch of


This is my first post, celebrating the start of my very own blog.
After learning 3D for about a year now, i´m getting closer to finishing my first portfolio/reel.
But there is more to this blog than just a place to advertize myself...

There is a vast amount of things you can create with 3D software, wich is great, but also leads to very complex and specific problems.
Even though the 3D community is very helpful and supportive, you simply can´t have enough blogs and sites to look for your specific problem.
I´m nowhere near being a specialist in any field of 3D, but nevertheless i want to share my findings and experiments on my way.

Also...there is plenty of time to spend while waiting for render results and posting something useful seems like a better idea than just procrastinating...;)

So i hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful, interesting or at least entertaining!


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